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Why do you keep forgetting vacabualry? Reasons here

Thầy Vũ Hải Đăng

Today, Vu Hai Dang, M.A, one of the rare 9.0 IELTS Writing candidate will explain why although it takes much time to learn new words, the same can’t be said about remembering them. The underlying problem, often going unnoticeable, is your poor pronunciation. Why do I use the word “unnoticeable”, you ask? Firstly, it is […]

ELSA app supports teachers of English

Vu Van, co-founder and CEO of ELSA

HCMC – On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day (November 20), ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) app has launched a number of new features and promotions to support teachers of English across Vietnam. ELSA will provide English teachers nationwide with a life-long ELSA Pro account worth US$400 free of charge. ELSA also introduces the new […]

Full package English pronunciation course lifetime like native speakers at Elsa Speak Vietnam

English speaking apps for mobile help you study anywhere

website:   YOU FEEL: – Self-conscious, nervous, or shy when communicating in English? – Too busy to commit to a fixed time learning English by traditional methods? – Left behind the trend of globalization, lost some career or business opportunities due to limited English communication skill? – Want to “take backpack and go” but you […]

Barriers to foreign language of Vietnamese students

spoken english app

Many learners ignore the pronunciation. They can communicate in class, thus they think they are good enough. After few years, they come England or USA and… no one understands what they say.   Pronunciation – the first impression of communication   Standard pronunciation is one of the first conditions that you need to learn when […]

Top 5 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important and popular aspect of science and technology field. AI apps allow users to do their work effectively, in less time with the help of a machine. In this article we will tell our readers about the Top 5 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps. Cortana Cortana is an AI assistant […]

Apps using unique technology algorithms to ease our life

Google Allo is a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more. Express yourself better with stickers, Smart Reply, and HUGE emojis and text. Allo brings you the Google Assistant. Apps using unique technology algorithms to ease our life | Photo Credit: Thinkstock New Delhi: Today, technology algorithms are making us the king of […]

ELSA raises $3.2M for its A.I.-powered English pronunciation assistant


ELSA, an app whose name stands for “English Language Speech Assistant” (and not the popular Disney character!), has raised $3.2 million for its A.I.-assisted language learning platform that teaches people how to speak English. Unlike other courses that focus mainly on teaching grammar and vocabulary, ELSA uses artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology to help […]