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Popularity of elsa speak-app english speaking and listening


ELSA is an acronym of English Language Speech Assistant, a standard app English speaking and listening that helps users improve their pronunciation. Elsa speak – app English speaking and listening with many functions Elsa speak – app English speaking and listening with many functions With over 30 games and 3,000 words and phrases, ELSA helps […]

How to speak English fluently?

Practice the pronunciation with common words and sentences

How to speak English fluently is common question raised by a lot of people who have demand on improving listening and speaking skills in English. English is one of the most popular and common language that are used widely all over the world. Therefore, more and more people are likely to learn and practice to […]

Learn to Speak English Well

Practicing speaking at the beginning

Some people suppose that to learn to speak English well is difficult task; but actually, you can master this skill easily if practice regularly and apply good approach. English Speaking skill is one of the most essential skill which allows us to communication, studying, working, making speech and so on. Despite good source of vocabulary and grammatical structure, […]

Elsa Speak promo code

Download the app from Google Play and App Store

In order to bring more benefits to the users of Elsa Speak, we have just provided the Elsa Speak promo code, which allows users to get attractive promotion and benefits while using our app. Elsa Speak is an app specialized in practicing and improving the English skills from the basic level to advance level. With […]

Elsa Speak App

spoken english app

If you are looking for useful and friendly app for studying English yourself, Elsa Speak App will be an ideal choice that you should consider. Nowadays, more and more people have intention on studying English. They not only focus on grammar, structure, but also put much effort in improving 4 main skills namely reading, listening, […]

Why should you learn english through spoken english app


Today, almost anyone can equip themselves with a smartphone. They not only help us communicate with relatives, friends, help us find our way through GPS, read news, shopping online, play games, but these smartphones can also be our powerful supporters. With the “explosion” of smartphones not only in the young but also in all objects, […]