Using speak english fluently app to improve the language level

Using speak english fluently app to improve the language level

Using speak English fluently app to improve the language level is a wise choice in the industrial era 4.0. Elsa speak is an application that has all you need.

Are you trying to improve your English pronunciation? There are times when you ask yourself how to speak English fluently and pronounce as native speakers. In this article we share the best English pronunciation tips for you.

A. Passive listening:

  1. – “Bathing language”. Do not understand: Listen! Do not understand.

“Bathing language” with speak English fluently app

You copy some English CDs. Each post may be 1 to 5 minutes long. When you are alone at home, open those songs just enough to listen, and repeat as long as the background noise throughout the day. You do not need to pay any attention to it. You do your job, brush your teeth, wash your face, learn the lesson, go to the internet… with the croaking of English. This “bathing language” work is very important, because it sounds right to each sound of a strange language. Our ear quickly catches a familiar sound, but excludes strange sounds. The “bathing language” is just a matter of getting to know the ears, and after a while you will catch the sounds of English, and find that the sound is very easy to hear, but completely different from the Vietnamese sound.

Do not be discouraged as long as you are not discriminating: Remember that you have bathed Vietnamese language for at least 9 months continuously night and day before opening your mouth to speak the first voice and understand a short speech and then continue to “bathe Vietnamese” language for up to 4, 5 years!

Bathing language with the use of speak English fluently app like Elsa is a funny way that helps you bathe language effectively.

2 – Play with animation.

If available, see some news in English. Attached images make it possible to ‘understand’ a lot of the content of the newsletter, without having to ‘translate’ each sentence of what the announcer says. You rest assured after listening to 15 minutes of news, self-recapitulation, then you find that you have captured the core content of the newsletter. And this is the second way to bathe the language. Watching news can make you bored but using speak English fluently app like Elsa is an interesting way to do this. You can find it attractive because of its background and program.

B. Listen for initiative.

  1. News special English:

– Take a newsletter, listen to it and write it down as much as possible. Remember not to look at the dictionary or learn the meaning of words. Guess the meaning of the sentence, and recall the sound of the word, or the phrase, which will be self-evident later on.

  1. Listen to some of the songs you heard in the “bathing language”

Listen to news and songs using speak English fluently app

– Recall the script of the songs I have heard, read again and recall in imagination words that I have heard many times. Then script and listen until understanding. This time: I will naturally hear each other and understand. In case you do not understand a word or phrase, try to repeat as many times as you can, then turn over the script to compare.

  1. Play multiple times, before reading the script.

Then, re-read the script, mainly check the words you have heard or guessed, or words that you can re-pronounce but do not understand how to write. Through this, many times I find that a familiar word that I used to know in the past is pronounced in another way. So I really need to say it differently and pronounce like a new word. Then, post the script and listen again a second time.

Besides, learn to sing in English, and sing along while listening. Choose some songs that you like, find its lyrics and then listen to the lyrics. Then memorize and sing along with the singer, try to pronounce and keep the pace properly. When you are sad you can also sing for yourself.

And speaking properly (through singing) is also a way to help you later to be more sensitive when listening to, because the language in the song is often harder to hear than the normal speech a lot.

With the launch of smartphone, there are many app for you to choose to speak English fluently. Elsa speak – speak English fluently app of two Vietnamese girls – just won the first prize for the education startup.


Learn Elsa speak English fluently app effectively to improve your English skills

Elsa is one of the smart and effective English learning app today. However, you also need to learn new methods to get the highest efficiency. Talk to Elsa every day for the best results. Elsa’s curriculum is designed by world-class pronunciation instructors. So if you want to improve your English pronunciation, you should learn regularly, even every day to get the best results. You should use the words you learned in your life and practice speaking every day to improve your listening and speaking skills. With just 10 minutes of regular practice each day with Elsa you can dramatically improve in a short time. If you would like to learn more about Elsa’s standard pronunciation method, please visit for more information.


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