Elsa Speak App

Elsa Speak App
spoken english app

If you are looking for useful and friendly app for studying English yourself, Elsa Speak App will be an ideal choice that you should consider.

Nowadays, more and more people have intention on studying English. They not only focus on grammar, structure, but also put much effort in improving 4 main skills namely reading, listening, writing and speaking. Among these skills, speaking is regarded as the most important and pratical one because it is necessary for communicating, working and so on. However, there are a few people who are good at speaking skill. Some of them also find it difficult to make complete sentences, express their ideas as well as speak English fluently. To solve this problem, Elsa Speak App has been released and developed.

spoken english app

Elsa Speak App

What is Elsa Speak App ?

This is an app designed for supporting people who have demand on studying and practicing English skills. By using different ways of practicing English, this app will help us improving speaking skill in the most professional way.

The function of Elsa Speak App

Firstly, Elsa Speak App provides many speech audios of native speakers and they are arranged into different lessons. Therefore, the users can practice and improve listening skills everyday and remember exactly the accent of native speakers. The accent which is used in all audios is completely correct, which allows users to practice exactly from the beginning.

Secondly, this app can recognize your voice exactly and compare to the standard accent of native speakers. Therefore, if your pronunciation is incorrect or accent is much different from the accent of native speakers, Elsa Speak App will automatically fix it and give the relevant correction.

Thirdly, this app provides different ways of learning, ranging from interesting speaking lessons, daily conversations to lovely and memorable songs. Therefore, the user will have more chance to get access to different ways to learn and practice speaking skill.

Fourthly, the user is supported by online dictionary, which allows them to check the meaning of new words. This will save much time and help the user find the meaning of new words immediately.

Why should we choose Elsa Speak App ?

Elsa Speak App is highly recommended by a lot of English teachers as well as people who have used. There are 4 main reasons why this app should be widely chosen.

Firstly, this app use the accent of native speakers and American English Pronunciation, so the user will have a chance to study English in professional and native environment. It means that you do not need to go to English center to meet native speakers and native teachers to have good studying environment.

Secondly, the app designs different ways for us to study, for example audio lessons, conversation, songs and so on. Depending on the requirement of each user, you can also get access to different topics such as business, financing, banking, giving presentations and so on.

Thirdly, this app provide the regular test which is necessary for checking the level of your speaking skill. Moreover, it can automatically realize the words that are usually pronunciated wrongly and ask you to practice pronouncing those words more frequently.

Last but not least, the app has friendly-user design with impressive colours, amazing images, logical categories

How to use Elsa Speak App ?

To use Elsa Speak App, firstlly, you need to download this app from app stores. This app is now available in Google Play and App Store so you can easily download and use in smartphones, tablets and so on.

Secondly, operate the app and then discover every function of the app. You will find a lot of interesting function which is provided in this app. With only 10 minutes practicing and studying with this app, you can definitely improve your speaking skill efficiently.


Elsa Speak App

Elsa Speak App is one of the easiest and most friendly app for whom intend to study English themselves. Moreover, this app is also available in many app stores and website, which allows us to download and use immediately. Therefore, if you want to improve English, espeacially speaking skill, gradually, let’s download this app now and get the most detailed instruction.


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Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak

Learn to speak English doesn’t have to be scary and lonely anymore. With ELSA - your English Language Speech Assistant - you can practice your English speaking skill at any day, anytime and anywhere. Powered by our proprietary and state-of-the-art voice recognition technology, ELSA is the first and the world’s smartest Artificial Intelligence pronunciation coach who will help you have perfect English pronunciation.

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