Best spoken english app helps you “shoot” English as a native speaker

Best spoken english app helps you “shoot” English as a native speaker

Pronunciation is 1 of the 4 most important English skills. Elsa app is the best spoken english application that can improve your English speech quickly.

Have you ever admired people who own the English accent as awesome as native speakers? Did you also lamented the responsibility for many years grinding pants on the school chair, going to many English centers where English teachers are only native speakers? Did you spend too much time there but have not been able to communicate with foreigners until now? You know that good English pronunciation helps you to communicate confidentially with foreigners. Do not worry, let Elsa Speak become your powerful assistant on the road to conquer English pronunciation.

What is ELSA Speak? What do you get when using this application? This is definitely the question that many of you are new to this English learning application. Here are some of Elsa’s advantages to help you improve your English pronunciation in a short time.

ELSA as English Language Speech Assistant is the best spoken english application that helps you to practice standard English pronunciation with improved voice recognition and analysis to increase real interaction with learners. The interesting thing is the app was developed by two Vietnamese girls and a team of foreign experts who have had many years of experience in teaching English to Vietnamese people so they know Vietnamese problem when speaking English. Elsa Speak also won the first prize in a competition in the field of education in the United States and was highly appreciated by professionals. Check out this great app now!


Best spoken english app created by Vietnamese girls

Firstly, Elsa: Easy, yet easy-to-use phonetic alphabet. Elsa is a great English speaking instructor. Developed with intelligent voice recognition technology, Elsa helps you identify your pronunciation errors and teaches you how to practice in order to improve. More than 800,000 Elsa users improved 40% pronunciation points in just 4 weeks. With more than 30 games, 3,000 words and phrases, Elsa helps learners practice and improve their English pronunciation. Fun and engaging games help learners to score good grades, become more confident in their English, prepare for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS as well as writing assignments. The Elsa speak app is available for players to check their pronunciation with any English words.

Secondly, Elsa is built on a unique voice recognition technology that understands the needs of Vietnamese learners. Pronunciation problems are analyzed communicated by top linguistic experts to become the most effective app. Elsa ‘s editing is especially suited to Vietnamese language, focusing on Vietnamese accents, and improving efficiency in the shortest possible time. English pronunciation and communication with Elsa is a fun, unique experience, new discoveries to help you improve and confidence in English. Elsa is one of the best spoken English applications in the world today that can help you speak English as native speakers, thanks to the voice recognition technology of artificial intelligence. When you pronounce a word and record it, the app will recognize the voice and analyze if you have pronounced it correctly. So you will know the most accurate reading of the vocabulary you are looking for.


Best spoken english app with great pronunciation coach

Thirdly, Elsa app teaches you how to pronounce the common American way of speaking in everyday life. Therefore, the lessons of Elsa app is very close and easy to remember, easy to apply to every day conversations. You can learn to say any words you like because Elsa is equipped with English pronunciation points to charge. In addition, one of the factors that helped Elsa become the standard pronunciation method today is that many users can prepare for the tests of assessing their level of English. Elsa can find the hard sounds for you during the learning process to teach you how to improve and not to be afraid to speak the hard way. With Elsa you can practice speaking English with more than 400 lessons and 2,000 most popular English words arranging by subjects. You can practice speaking English anytime, wherever you are comfortable with no more worrying when practicing before others. The unique design of Elsa leads you to conquer the planet in the galaxy by progressing in each exercise.


Elsa speak – Best spoken english app with many useful exercises

 Finally, Elsa is highly regarded at international forums:
– Ranked # 1 in educational technology applications on Product Hunt
– First Grand Prize in the World – SXSWEdu 2016
– The Smartest Educational Technology Application – “The Best Digital
Learning App “- Reimagine Education 2016
– 1 out of 7 applications “can not be ignored” – according to Mashable
With all advantages mentioned above, Elsa speak application is deserved to be the best spoken english app ever.


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Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak

Learn to speak English doesn’t have to be scary and lonely anymore. With ELSA - your English Language Speech Assistant - you can practice your English speaking skill at any day, anytime and anywhere. Powered by our proprietary and state-of-the-art voice recognition technology, ELSA is the first and the world’s smartest Artificial Intelligence pronunciation coach who will help you have perfect English pronunciation.

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