Popularity of elsa speak-app english speaking and listening

Popularity of elsa speak-app english speaking and listening

ELSA is an acronym of English Language Speech Assistant, a standard app English speaking and listening that helps users improve their pronunciation.

  1. Elsa speak – app English speaking and listening with many functions

Elsa speak – app English speaking and listening with many functions

With over 30 games and 3,000 words and phrases, ELSA helps learners practice and improve their English pronunciation. In the March 9, 2013, Elsa overtook nearly 1,200 registered start-ups to win the top prize of the competition. With ELSA Speak, Elsa won the $ 2,500 prize from the organizers. Elsa Speak was born after two Vietnamese girls, Dinh Hong Vu and Ngo Thuy Ngoc Tu, had trouble speaking English in foreign environment. Vu argues that native pronunciation is an important factor in the advancement of people working in the international English environment. Elsa Speak focuses on teaching and correcting English pronunciation of learners. Contributing to the success of Elsa Speak is the leading expert in artificial intelligence, along with voice-to-speech experts for the film, so the application quality is highly appreciated.

ELSA is built on a special technology that recognizes the needs of Vietnamese people. The issues of pronunciation, communication are resolved by the leading experts in language research and analysis. ELSA’s editing method is suited to the Vietnamese, focusing on the accents that Vietnamese language don’t have or the accents that Vietnamese people usually make, resulting in improved performance in the short term. Application of ELSA in 2016 has a mission to help people learn English fluently and confidently. As English has become a critical skill for academic and work success, the ELSA team believes that everyone deserves access to a cost-effective English learning tool.

  1. Elsa speak – app English speaking and listening becomes more popular

2017 saw more than 2 million ELSA learners from more than 100 countries. Over 100 million exercises were performed on the application and more than 81% of ELSA respondents answered the questionnaires that they felt much more confident after starting their ELSA practice. Thanks to all that, ELSA has featured in app stores in 89 different countries and made the list of 4 companies using AI (artificial intelligence technology) to change the world (by Forbes). ELSA members are present throughout Asia, Europe and North America. At any given time, ELSA members are constantly working to make the product better for the ELSA community. Lessons should not only provide knowledge but also be interesting to inspire learners. This year, ELSA has launched more than 100 new lessons on popular topics such as “Job Interview”, “Christmas” and “Star Wars”! The ELSA application now has 530 lessons with 22 topics.


Elsa speak – app English speaking and listening becomes more popular

ELSA has traveled the world. You may have heard some highlights of ELSA, such as Google Launchpad in San Francisco, celebrating birthday for ELSA in Ho Chi Minh City, attending InterSpeech 2017 in Stockholm and introducing ELSA at the Web Summit in Lisbon. 2017 also marked the beginning of a significant partnership between ELSA, English teachers and schools. Lessons are being put on the ELSA speak – app English speaking and listening as a start for mutual benefit. By the year 2018, ELSA will launch some exciting new features that we believe you are looking forward to. These include the ability to post comments for new sentences, new videos for lessons, and more interactive ways to practice English with ELSA.

With ELSA, everyone can speak English fluently and do extraordinary things in their lives.

  1. Elsa speak has all the functions you need

An app English speaking and listening has all the functions you need

Elsa is highly effective thanks to the exercises designed for you:
– Start by trying out the ELSA Speech Assessment: This exercise was designed by leading experts on English pronunciation training, helping you identify your pronunciation and understand the errors.
– Through this, you are provided with the training program that suits you best to focus on weakness. The app helps you accelerate your time to improve your speaking and pronunciation skills.

During the practice ELSA shows you the pronunciation errors, guide you to tongue and lip movement to adjust the pronunciation with the help of advanced speech recognition technology,

– Watch the process and go back to practice your weak words

High applicability from useful topics:

– Practice speaking English through more than 400 lessons and 2,000 most popular English words arranged by subject.

Learning to speak English becomes more exciting and exciting:

– Practice speaking English anytime, wherever you are comfortable – no more worrying when practicing before others.

– The unique design of ELSA leads you to conquer the planet in the galaxy by progressing in each exercise.

With the advantages mentioned above, Elsa speak deserves the best app English speaking and listening in general, and the app all Vietnamese need in particular.


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Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak

Learn to speak English doesn’t have to be scary and lonely anymore. With ELSA - your English Language Speech Assistant - you can practice your English speaking skill at any day, anytime and anywhere. Powered by our proprietary and state-of-the-art voice recognition technology, ELSA is the first and the world’s smartest Artificial Intelligence pronunciation coach who will help you have perfect English pronunciation.

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