How to speak English fluently?

How to speak English fluently?
Practice the pronunciation with common words and sentences

How to speak English fluently is common question raised by a lot of people who have demand on improving listening and speaking skills in English.

English is one of the most popular and common language that are used widely all over the world. Therefore, more and more people are likely to learn and practice to master this language and take advantage in communication, studying, working. Among 4 skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, speaking is assessed as the most difficult one and a lot of English learners find it hard to improve in a short time. In this article, I am going to share some tips and help you answer the question how to speak English fluently.

Practice the pronunciation with common words and sentences

How to speak English fluently?

Learn vocabulary and try to make the whole sentence with it

It is important to look up the new words that you come across in online article, newspapers, text to find out the definition and meaning of them. This is a good way for English learners to remember a large number of vocabulary which helps them to make comprehensive and completed sentences.

If you know a lot of words relating to various aspects, it is easier to express the ideas in different topics in the most fluent and correct way.

Moreover, you should not try to make the sentence with distinctive words without conjunction and word grammatical arrangement. If you want to speak English professionally and correctly as native speakers, it is important to practice in this way.

Study grammatical structure from the basic to advanced level

Grammatical structure is also essential factor that who want to master English speaking skill have to learn from the basic to advanced level. The knowledge involving in tenses, forms, structures and so on will help you to make the whole sentence, or even the whole speech.

In the beginning, you can try to learn the simple and basic grammatical lesson such as tenses and simple sentence form. Let’s start with short and easy sentences first, and then you can lengthen them gradually with higher level of vocabulary, grammatical structure and so on. You can take lessons yourself or attend to the course at school and English center to be instructed.

Practice frequently

Even though you have good source of vocabulary and grammatical structure, your English speaking skill might not improve much without regular practice. Therefore, be sure to spend a couple of hours per day to speak English yourself or with your friends. You can choose some intimate topics and then try to discuss about it from the basic to advanced level.

Ask someone to practice with you

It is quite boring to keep practicing English yourself. Talking in front of the mirror might be good idea, but you will get bored of soon without interaction and support from others. Therefore, ask someone to be your partner in speaking session. If you have a chance, it is recommended to practice with native speakers.

If you take a course, try to speak as much as possible with your partner or team members because you will not find any good chance to practice when coming back home. Moreover, in this case, you are also instructed by teachers or tutors.

Make use of the app Elsa speak

Taking advantage of technology in studying, especially studying English, is the efficient way to improve and enhance English speaking skill. If you want to save time in practicing speaking skill and make the pratice become more interesting, it is recommended that you should choose the app Elsa Speak. This app help you practice speaking skills in the creative and amusing way with various lessons, audios, activities. Especially, with this app, the users have chance to practice with native speaker pronunciation.

You can download this app free on App Store or Google Store and try its function now.


Learn English with Elsa Speak

Learn English with Elsa Speak

The tips that are recommended in this article will certainly help you solve the query how to speak English fluently. However, you should notice that it will take long time to master English and speak English frequently, so be sure to keep patient. Besides, do not forget to download the app Elsa speak to practice English frequently from now.



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