How to redeem activation code?

How to redeem activation code?

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1. On Android - redeem directly inside the app

- Go to your Profile screen --> Edit Profile => Get ELSA PRO --> "Have a Promo code" => Click and redeem code

- Log out and log in again to the app and your code should be activated

2. On iOS, redeem on this website:

- Please log in to the Elsa account on this website. Or if you don't have an Elsa account yet you can create an account directly here too

- Please put in the code to redeem

- After that you can open the app / log out and log in to the app --> your code should be activated

WARNING!!! Please note that if you are currently on subscription membership (paid directly by Google/iTune), please wait till your membership expire, remember to cancel your automatic subscription ( ), and then apply the voucher.

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